Bain’s active contribution to the development of female leadership in Italy

The program


An invitation-only world-class program for high-potential women leaders from Corporate and Public Sector, designed to accelerate gender parity by preparing female leaders to reach C-Level roles.


A highly selected community of inspiring female leaders, composed of 50 participants with diverse background, but similar mindsets and shared ambitions, from Italian companies and institutions.

We will recruit proactive and influential women with strong leadership skills, charisma, ambitious goals and aspirations who are interested in:


Evolving their current leadership role and accelerating their career


Becoming top leaders


Widening their network, finding mentors and sponsors


Working on themselves to grow their professional skills

Bridging the gap

In Italy, only 2% of CEOs are women.​

There is still a long way to go to create an ecosystem in which women have equal access to professional opportunities.

At this pace, what got us to where we are today will get us to our ultimate destination in more than 150 years.

As part of our sustained DEI commitments, Bain has launched the Leadher Program to accelerate the journey to C-level gender parity.

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